Uson Ergeshov heads the kitchen of fish restaurant PESHI. Young and ambitious chef, who can be called without a doubt the guardian of PESHI traditions. He attended the restaurant in 2011 (hot shop) and worked under supervision of such eminent chefs as Bruno Marino, David Emerle and Aziz Safar. "Every chef is a separate era in restaurant history. Each of them was great in its own way, and taught me a lot. Discipline and clarity in work, courage in experiments, search the balance of taste - PESHI school gave me a lot," Uson tells about his predecessors.
In just 10 years Uson Ergeshov has become a rising star. From cook in Yekaterinburg restaurant he grew up to the chef of high-end Moscow restaurant. The desire to cook awoke in him when he was a child. In 7th grade he relieved mother of daily cooking duty for a large and friendly family. At the age of 18 he got his first job in a small restaurant kitchen in home town, and 3 years later he became chef's right hand at prestigious restaurant in Ekaterinburg. The glory of his talent reached Moscow, and he was invited to the team of PESHI opening.
Uson moved up the ladder quickly from cook to su-chef. At a certain point, his talent was impossible to ignore - Ergeshov easily solved the most difficult tasks that just faced the kitchen. Therefore, after Aziz Safar left PESHI, finding a replacement was no longer an issue.
Today Uson runs PESHI kitchen, and together with Helen Shevtsova creates amazing culinary masterpieces. The team highly appreciates Uson and tries to support each of his undertakings.