Michael Kirsanov

Михаил Кирсанов - Шеф-повар рыбного ресторана PESHI
Like a breath of fresh air ravaging through the open window, a new executive chef has taken PESHI restaurant by storm. Peshi restaurant is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Kirsanov as the new Executive Chef. Michael Kirsanov is a young Muscovite, and an absolute fanatic of his craft, his decision to become a chef originated during his early childhood years. He spent most of his life learning and perfecting his culinary art.

After graduating from school, Kirsanov got his professional experience and landed a job as a chef in Crowne Plaza almost immediately after. His career has been skyrocketing ever since: positions in restaurants with Mediterranean and Italian cuisines, Kirsanov passed his apprenticeship with world-famous chefs and has expanded his extensive portfolio of organizational and leadership skills. Kirsanov spent the next five years working for La Maree restaurants, acquiring unique experience and perfecting his skills, three years of which Kirsanov spent as an Executive Chef overseeing production and operations at Smolensk location. After the experience at La Maree, Kirsanov spent some time working in Luce, where Master Chef has synthesized his 15 years of culinary expertise and passion for innovative experiments. Kirsanov succeeded at creating an inspirational summer menu, shining a new light on traditional offerings in Luce, by using the latest techniques and modern equipment.

In his work, Michael Kirsanov's essential qualities are:

  • His experience in Mediterranean fare.
  • Specialty in seafood.
  • His decision to forgo any synthetic flavorings.
Each dish is perfected using only natural spices.

The arrival of new PESHI Executive Chef will be marked with a fresh and creative vision on favorite dishes and innovative approach to preparing each new creation.