Legendary fish restaurant in the heart of Moscow

Gastronomic journey with best chefs of the Canary Islands.
November 22nd, 23rd and 24th, Juan Carlos and Jonathan Padron, chefs acknowledged as the best on the Canary Islands, will present PESHI guests a 9-course set menu created jointly with the restaurant chef Uson Ergeshov, which will be a real journey into the world of haute cuisine.
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Rare fish from all over the globe, impeccable service, vast wine list, original Art Deco interior design and panoramic view of Kremlin – that is what PESHI about.
The legendary fish restaurant is now located on Okhotny Ryad street next to FOUR SEASONS Hotel in Modny Sezon shopping gallery.
Twice a week we bring fresh catch from Mediterranean countries, Japan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Morocco and the Far East.

Peshi guests can choose any specimen from the variety of glacier inhabitants: from oysters, mussels and live crabs to lobsters, octopus and of course fresh chilled fish of rare and wild species.

Elena Shevtsova
Restaurateur, concept-chef
Elena Shevtsova started her restaurant business, when purchased PESHI restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. In 2017 it moved to a new location in the heart of Moscow, on Okhotny Ryad. Today PESHI is a premium restaurant that offers its guests a wide selection of rare and freshest fish from all over the world, a rich wine list and the highest level of service.
Uson Ergeshov
Uson Ergeshov heads the kitchen of fish restaurant PESHI. Young and ambitious chef, who can be called without a doubt the guardian of PESHI traditions. He attended the restaurant in 2011 (hot shop) and worked under supervision of such eminent chefs as Bruno Marino, David Emerle and Aziz Safar..