Legendary fish restaurant in the heart of Moscow
Rare fish from all over the globe, impeccable service, vast wine list, original Art Deco interior design and panoramic view of Kremlin – that is what PESHI about.
The legendary fish restaurant is now located on Okhotny Ryad street next to FOUR SEASONS Hotel in Modny Sezon shopping gallery.
Twice a week we bring fresh catch from Mediterranean countries, Japan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Morocco and the Far East.

Peshi guests can choose any specimen from the variety of glacier inhabitants: from oysters, mussels and live crabs to lobsters, octopus and of course fresh chilled fish of rare and wild species.

Elena Shevtsova
Restaurateur, concept-chef
Elena Shevtsova started her restaurant business, when purchased PESHI restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. In 2017 it moved to a new location in the heart of Moscow, on Okhotny Ryad. Today PESHI is a premium restaurant that offers its guests a wide selection of rare and freshest fish from all over the world, a rich wine list and the highest level of service.